Terms and Conditions

Please read these conditions carefully before placing an order for any products with the Merchant ("We" or "Us", wherever applicable) on the MenaHub.com (“Our”) (the website).  The website MenaHub.com is an online platform that enables you to purchase products listed on the website at the price indicated therein at any time from any location within Qatar. You further agree and acknowledge that MenaHub is only a facilitator and is not and cannot be a party to or control in any manner any transactions on the website. Accordingly, the contract of sale of products on the website shall be a strictly multilateral contract between you and the sellers on MenaHub.com. These conditions signify your agreement to be bound by these conditions. 

In addition, when you use any current or future MenaHub.com service, you will also be subject to the terms, guidelines and conditions applicable to that service ("Terms"). If these Conditions of Sale are inconsistent with such Terms, the Terms will control.  

Information about us and our contact address can be found here.

By registering on our website, and by placing an order from your virtual shopping basket, you will be asked to confirm in the checkbox that you accept these terms and conditions, and thus you will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions if you place your order. If you do not agree with any of these terms and conditions, you must not order from us.  

The use of our website is furthermore governed by our Website Use Terms that are available here

Furthermore, our Privacy Policy will apply which can be found here. The headings of these terms and conditions are for your convenience only and do not limit or otherwise affect these terms.  

Offering & Ordering

When you place an order request on a product from us, you will receive an e-mail with your order request summary containing the details of your order (the "Order Request E-mail"). The Order Request E-mail is an acknowledgement that we have received your order.   

Post which, after a stock availability verification, you will be notified (the “Order Confirmation E-mail”) but this does not confirm acceptance of your offer to buy the product(s) ordered. We only accept your offer and conclude the contract of sale for a product ordered by you, when the product is shipped to you and an e-mail confirmation is sent to you that the product has been shipped to you (the "Shipping Confirmation E-mail").   

You may receive a separate Shipping Confirmation E-mail for each package, and each Shipping Confirmation E-mail and corresponding shipments will conclude a separate contract of sale between you and us for the product(s) specified in that Shipping Confirmation E-mail.   

You are responsible for the submission of correct information in your order, such as your billing information, the delivery address, and other useful information in relation to the delivery.  

We reserve the right to discontinue any product or service at any time. You can cancel your order request within 5 minutes from the time of placement.  You can cancel your confirmed order within 4 hours by contacting us. 

Pricing and availability:

We list availability information for products sold by our merchants on the website. Our merchants cannot be more specific about product availability. Please note that shipping estimates are just that. They are not guaranteed shipped times and should not be relied upon as such. As we process your order request, you will be informed by e-mail if any products you order turn out to be unavailable.    

The prices of the products or services listed by our merchants are subject to change without notice. Merchants can set their own prices for the items they sell on MenaHub.com. Prices for similar or identical items from other sellers can vary.  

We do not guarantee that indicated prices will remain applicable during a certain period of time. Please note that this price may differ from the price shown for the item when you first placed it in your cart. Placing an item in your cart does not reserve the price shown at that time. It is also possible that an item's price may decrease between the time you place it in your basket and the time you purchase it.  

All our prices are stated in Qatari Riyal (QAR).  

Any promotions and discounts will be valid only during the indicated period and in accordance with the Law.  

You are solely responsible for any and all charges for Internet access, data usage, mobile charges and/or any other charges incurred for the access to, and use of, our services.  

The indicated price of a product that is displayed on our website or catalogue does not include the delivery charges nor the taxes (if applicable) that are eventually due, which will depend on the place of delivery and the delivery method that you choose. The final price, including the applicable charges, will be indicated and added during the checkout of the virtual shopping basket, immediately before the order. 

Payment Methods:

Payment will be done in the currency Qatari Riyals (QAR).  

We accept the following payment methods, subject to changes from time to time:   

  • credit card (Visa, American Express, Mastercard)  
  • debit card  
  • cash payment on delivery (COD).   

The chosen preferred mode of payment will be indicated by the consumer during the ordering process at the checkout of the virtual shopping basket. Payment information, such as credit/debit card details, will be sent encrypted using the SSL technology.  

If you choose a payment option that involves a third-party payment service provider, such as a credit card issuer or other service providers whose services are available through our website, the terms and conditions or schemes of that payment service provider will apply to your payments and to your purchase, insofar this is indicated by the payment service provider. We do not offer more rights, remedies or warranties than those provided by the payment service provider and you are advised to read their terms and conditions carefully. We are not liable for actions or negligence of payment service providers. 

Refund and Returns Policy:

If you are entitled to a refund, we will refund you according to the following principles:   

  • If the product is found to be defective / non-functional; or   
  • If the specification of the product does not meet the Qatari specified standards; or   
  • If any specified feature of the product is not available / not operational.   

MenaHub.com will not exchange or return any of the products indicated under 1, 2 and 3 above if the below conditions are not met :   

  • The consumer does not return the Product to MenaHub.com point of sale location within three (3) days from the purchase date; or   
  • The consumer does not present the original invoice; or   
  • The Product returned is not in its original packaging, including without limitation all its accessories, catalogues, free gifts and gift vouchers received upon the purchase date; or   
  • The product is found to be defective/non- functional due to customer’s mishandling, overloading, commercial usage, non-compliance with manufacturer’s instructions; or   
  • The Product has been tampered with, or which has undergone repair, adjustment or servicing by unauthorized persons    
  • Except for the cases mentioned under 1, 2 and 3 above, return/exchange of Product is not allowed on: 
  • Health, Beauty, Personal Care Products (due to reasons of hygiene), Laptops, Mobiles, Cameras, Printer Cartridges, Consumable and PC software and accessories.   
  • Displayed / out of box Product which is construed to be inspected by the customer prior to purchase, who is aware of the Product’s “as is” condition.   

In return cases, the refund will be made in the same form of payment originally used for purchase. i.e for products purchased by credit card the refund will be made to the customer’s credit card account as per the policies of the corresponding bank. For products purchased by cash, the refund will be made by cash.    

We will refund the purchase price within 3 working days after the receipt of intact and complete products, minus any specific delivery costs if you require special delivery.   

 Any refund for products or services that have been purchased under promotions, will result in a refund of the promotional price only. Any reward points awarded will be nullified.   

The right to withdraw can only be applied to the entire order, including any free gifts that were part of the order, and cannot be applied to limited products of the order, unless we agree explicitly. This is especially true for products that could be purchased with certain advantages when they were purchased together.   


We will ship and deliver the purchased products to the delivery address that you have specified when you completed the order.   

The lead times for the delivery are indicated on each product. These times are approximate only. In case of delivery does not take place within the indicated timeframe, you must contact our consumer service and we will try to find out.   

We will be liable, and you are entitled to terminate the contract and obtain a full refund if delivery does not take place within 30 calendar days after your order unless we have agreed on a longer lead time.   

For larger objects, please check the measurements of the product and the packaging if indicated, and check whether it will fit in an elevator, door, path or any other space. You will be responsible for such verifications.   

(in case of delivery to a physical address :) We are entitled to hand over the package to any person available at the destination address who signs the delivery note and who declares, by signing, being authorised to take the delivery. We will not be liable if such person has not been authorized by you to accept the delivery.   

If no person is present or willing to receipt the delivery, we will initiate the second attempt, failing which the order will be cancelled.   

The goods are at your risk once they are in your possession or in the possession of someone nominated by you.   

Inspection at Delivery:

You are advised to inspect immediately the products at the time of delivery, and if that is not possible, at least as soon as is practicable.   

If you would discover a defect or non-conformity for which you believe that we are accountable, you must notify us within 1 working day, failing which you will be deemed to have accepted the sold goods.    


MenaHub.com does not provide any warranty on the products listed on the website, however, the warranty information provided by the merchant will be available on the product detail page. You can also access the warranty information on the respective manufacturer's website corresponding to the products.   


Customer Requirements:

Notwithstanding any other requirements stated in our terms and conditions, you must fulfil the general requirements of this clause.  

You must be over eighteen (18) years of age in order to be able to register and to purchase products or services. If we discover that you are not eighteen (18) years of age, we have the right to cancel any order made by you and to delete your record as a registered person.  

You warrant that the details provided by you at the time of your registration or any other time, are correct and complete.  

You may not purchase and/or use our products for any illegal purpose or in any illegal manner. 


Password and Security:

When you register at the MenaHub.com website, you will create an identification code for login and a password. We urge you to use a password that is sufficiently original and that is not obviously linked to your person so that it can be guessed by third persons.  

Every action and transaction, including any order, that is done using this login and password will be deemed to have been done by you, and you will be held responsible for such action.  

Thus, it is essential that you keep the login identification and password confidential and that you will not disclose it to anyone, nor share it with other persons. If you allow certain other persons, such as family members, to access our website through your internet connection using your login identification and password, you must ensure that such persons are aware of the terms and conditions and that they comply with these terms and conditions.  

If you believe that your password is no longer confidential nor secure, you must notify us immediately by contacting our customer services and we will enable you to change the password or to take other steps.  

If we have reason to believe that there is likely a breach of security or misuse of our website, or that your password is being misused in any way, we may require you to change your password, and we may suspend your account if the password has not been changed. We will not be liable for any losses arising out of any unauthorized access to, or use of our services or purchases through your account. 

Intellectual Property:

You are not permitted to reproduce, duplicate, copy, capture, sell, resell, or commercially exploit any portion of our goods or services, without our prior written permission.  

You are not permitted to remove any copyright notice or trademark.  

Purchased software may include End User License Agreement or other types of licenses that contain conditions and limitations of use; you must verify such terms when you install and use the software. 

Liability for Products or Services:

We will never be liable for any damage caused by our products or services other than personal damage to your health or your personal belongings, as well as that of your household; we will never be liable for any moral or commercial damage, nor for loss of opportunities.  

In case of liability for products causing damage, we will not be liable if you can file a claim against the manufacturer or importer of the product directly, If we would be held liable notwithstanding our disclaimer we will only be liable up to the maximum liability assumed by the manufacturer or importer, and all disclaimers and exclusions expressed by the manufacturer or importer will apply to us as if these were formulated by us.  

In case product(s) sold by our merchant contains a defect that creates a danger or risk to the health or safety of consumers, we will respect the legal framework for product recalls, and we will inform the market about the risks as the Law requires. If you would have purchased such a product, we ask you to follow the instructions for the return or repair of such product.  

We will not be liable for damage caused by incorrect use or maintenance of a product, by an infringement on the conditions for the purchase or any instructions, warnings, age restrictions, or modifications to a product that were not approved by us.” 

Exceptional Circumstances:

We will not be liable if we cannot execute our obligation, or if the execution would be so burdensome or expensive that we would risk a major loss, due to an exceptional event that we could not reasonably anticipate. In such circumstance, we will assess whether we can perform a delayed obligation when the circumstances would allow us to perform in a reasonable manner.” 

Changes to the Terms and Conditions:

We are entitled to update and modify these terms and conditions from time to time. The fact that the terms and conditions have been updated will be notified to you by e-mail or via an announcement on our website.  

The new terms and conditions apply to any purchases after the date of application thereof.  

You are encouraged to review the terms and conditions before every subsequent purchase and by indicating that you have read the terms and conditions before placing your order, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions that are currently applicable.  

You can always download a version of our terms and conditions.  

In case of discussions about the applicable version of terms and conditions in a particular point in time, the applicable version that we keep in our database as valid at a particular point in time. 


You may contact us using the telephone number, e-mail address, PO Box or address presented here.  

We may contact you at the telephone number, e-mail address or address indicated by you at the time of your registration.   

We have the right to send you commercial communications by e-mail if you have given specific consent for such use of your data. You will be able to withdraw your consent and to opt-out of such communications as is stated in our Privacy Policy. 


If any clause of these terms and conditions is deemed unenforceable or will become unenforceable due to new legislation, it will be deemed null and void, and you and we will be deemed to accept a clause that is valid and is as close as possible to the content of the unenforceable clause.  

You are not entitled to transfer any rights, any obligation, or any subscription to a third party without our prior written consent. 

Applicable Law and Disputes

Our contractual relationship and the validity, interpretation and execution of these Terms and Conditions are governed by the Law of Qatar.  

[The Court of Qatar] will have [exclusive] jurisdiction regarding disputes based on our contractual relationship. 


In case of a complaint, we urge you to contact our customer service first through our contact us page. We will review your complaint in good faith and will try to find an acceptable solution if your complaint seems justified.