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SONY | Digital Voice Recorder With High Sensitivity Memory 4GB 48 g Black | ICD-UX570F

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Reduce background noise with Auto Voice Recording 

  • Recording someone talking? Switch on Auto Voice Recording to optimise audio capture settings for vocal frequencies.
  • The result is a purer recording with less background noise and a reduced chance of audio loss caused by unsuitable microphone settings.

Get a better sound with Auto Music Recording 

  • The Auto Music Recording optimises audio capture settings for music frequencies.
  • It reduces the impact of recording mistakes caused by wrong microphone sensitivity settings, and delivers crisp, high quality audio. 

Capture distant or quiet sounds with S-Microphone

  • Now you can record those faint audio sources without capturing excessive background noise, thanks to the high-sensitivity, low-noise S-Microphone.
  • Even the sound of birds twittering in the distance can be captured naturally and clearly.

Get to the point with Time Jump

  • Long-range skipping is simple, too.
  • You can easily find the important sections of your meeting, seminar or lecture by using Time Jump to skip each 10% of the total playback time of a recording.

Turn it up with Playback Normalisation

  • Thanks to Playback Normalisation, you can listen clearly even when you unexpectedly record low-level audio.
  • It boosts your recording amplitude to the highest limit without compromising on sound quality. 

Wider, brighter recording LED

  • With the UX570 series, you won't worry about whether or not you're recording when you need to.
  • The wider, brighter LED makes it easy to recognise when you're recording.

Find what you need with minimal hassle

  • The UX570 series makes it easy to locate the playback point that you need.
  • Short-range skipping is a breeze with Easy Search, which enables you to go back 3 seconds or forward 10 seconds with the click of a button.

Thin, light and easy to carry  

  • At just 102.8 mm × 36.6 mm × 12.2 mm in size and approximately 48 g in weight, the sleek UX570 series is both light and thin, meaning that it can slip into your pocket and go wherever you go.

See clearly with a larger OLED Display

  • It's even easier to start, review or manage your recordings with more clarity on the large-screen display.

USB direct connection for quick file transfer

  • Transferring files to or from your computer is fast and convenient.
  • Just plug the UX570 series straight into a free USB port for an immediate connection — no USB cable needed.

Expand your memory with the micro SD card slot

  • With its 4 GB of built-in storage, the UX570 series can record up to 59 hours of MP3 at 128 kbps (STEREO).
  • Plus, you can boost your storage with compatible memory cards.
  • The microSDHC card will give you up to 32 GB of total storage, or a microSDXC card will give you an impressive 64 GB or more.


  • Brand: Sony
  • Product Type: Digital Voice Recorder
  • Model: ICD-UX570F
  • Color: Black
  • Weight (g): 48g
  • Battery Life (PROVIDED): Built-In Lithium Battery
  • Built-In Memory: 4 GB
  • Built-In Microphone: Yes
  • Calender Search: Yes
  • LCD Backlight: Yes
  • Maximum Flies Per Folder: 199
  • Maximum Files (TOTAL): 5,000 files (including number of folder)
  • PC Connectivity: Yes
  • Playback Format: LPCM/MP3/AAC/WMA
  • Recording Format: Linear PCM/MP3
  • USB Connection Charging: Yes
  • Scene Select: Yes
  • Sycn Recording Function: Yes
  • Recording Monitor: Yes
  • FM Radio Recording: Yes
  • VOR: Yes
  • A-B Repeat: Yes
  • Digital Pitch Control (SPEED CONTROL): Yes
  • Divide: Yes
  • Easy Search: Yes
  • Erase: Yes
  • File Copy: Yes
  • Folder Name Change (WITHOUT USING PC): Yes
  • Grahpic Equaliser: Yes
  • Move File: Yes
  • Noise Cut: Yes (Clear Voice)
  • Protect: Yes
  • Track Mark: Yes

What's In The Box 

  • Carrying case