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SENCOR | Slow cooker 1250 W Silver | SPR 7200SS

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  • 8 automatic programs ensure maximum convenience
  • Option to adjust both cooking temperature and time
  • Elegant stainless steel design suitable for every kitchen


  • 6-litre capacity is more than sufficient for the entire family
  • Layer with technology for preventing food from sticking 
  • Pot wall from 2.5 mm-thick aluminium alloy
  • Can be placed in a refrigerator
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher


  • Saute
  • SlowCook
  • Jogurt
  • Rice
  • Steam
  • Keep warm
  • Sous Vide
  • Stew

Option to adjust both cooking temperature and time
Set & Forget timer ensuring maximum cooking convenience enables you to set the cooking temperature and time
Digital LCD control panel provides the most comfortable cooking experience and enables control even with wet hands
Keep Warm function automatically maintains the ideal temperature of your meal after the cooking process is finished
Large stainless steel steamer pot for cooking fish, dumplings and vegetables in steam
Steamer pot is made from premium stainless steel ensuring a long lifetime and corrosion resistance
Heat resistant handle prevents any burns and enables the handling of the hot cooker while cooking without requiring the use of oven mitts
Lid made from hardened glass ensures a long lifetime
Perfectly sealed lid helps maintain a constant temperature
Sous-vide cooking rack for even sous-vide cooking
Silicone baking tray
Practical heat resistant oven mitts
Elegant stainless steel design suitable for every kitchen
Excellent for cooking soups, goulash, jam, lamb, beef, vegetables, eggs, etc.


  • a new cooking method that retains all flavours
  • does not require the use of oil
  • saves time and money 
  • enables cooking in steam, baking, frying and preparing excellent goulash
  • enables cheaper cuts of meat to be used to prepare outstanding meals
  • prevents any burning because it does not require the high cooking temperatures at which food burns
  • reduces water consumption because the meal is cooked in a single pot


  • Simplicity – simply put all the ingredients into the pot and allow it to do all the work.
  • Saves water and power – the special aluminium alloy construction of the cooker enables more effective heat transfer than traditional ceramic pots to reduce power consumption
  • Saves time – simply place all the ingredients into the cooker and let it do all the cooking.
  • Intense flavours and no vitamin loss – unlike with standard cooking, by cooking slowly at low temperatures flavours and vitamins are retained
  • Juicy meat – when slow cooking, juices stay inside the meat
  • Option to cook tough meat cuts – traditionally tough meat cuts are outstanding when slow cooked
  • Fat-free cooking – thanks to low temperatures, oil is not needed and therefore meals are lighter and even taste better
  • Included contents: Slow cooker with pot and lid, steamer pot and stainless steel sous-vide rack, baking tray, oven mitts
  • Power output: 1,250 W