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GIGASET | Cordless Phone Hands Free Speaker Phone | S30852-H2812-A701

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QAR 149.00
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Product Description

That’s what we call value for your money: the Gigaset A270 has everything a cordless phone needs.

Are you looking for a new, easy-to-use landline phone but you don’t want to spend too much? Then the Gigaset A270 with the hands-free option and high made-in-Germany quality is just the perfect answer to your call. Thanks to its user-friendly keys with pressure-sensitive buttons, it’s simple and comfortable to operate. Press the illuminated hands-free key and you can talk while cooking, cleaning up, or whatever else you want to do while talking. Pretty convenient, isn’t it? Just like the easy plug & play setup action. The phone is preregistered to the base station so you can start using the Gigaset A270 right out of the box. But that’s not all. You also can be confident that the Gigaset A270 is an environmentally friendly choice in telephony because we’ve equipped it with Eco Mode Plus.

Making things clear: the large illuminated graphic display.

The new A270 comes with a large amber-colored display that offers all the information you need at a glance. The dotmatrix display provides optimal readability and is also illuminated. So you have everything in view – anytime. You’ll see: Checking your phonebook or your call list has  never been so easy.

That simplifies everything: easy handling and talking freedom.

Good for you and your nerves. To make sure that you’re not wasting your time, the Gigaset A270 is designed to make the calling process as quick as possible. It can be used as soon as you get it home – just plug & play. With the sensitive pressure points the handling is very comfortable, too. That makes it much easier to read and navigate. And even if you’re busy but need to answer the phone anyway – simply press the hands-free key to enjoy the flexibility of hands-free talking. You can literally enjoy that feature for hours, because the long talk-time of 18 hours allows conversations that last as long as you want. Don’t worry about the battery life of the Gigaset A270 – it has a long standby time of up to 200 hours.

Convenient data storage: reach friends and family in seconds.

Gather all your phone numbers in one place: Simply use the cordless phone Gigaset A270’s phonebook with up to 80 entries to keep in touch with your nearest and dearest. And to make things even easier, the call list logs the phone numbers of the 25 most recent incoming or missed calls and the 10 most recent outgoing calls. That’s just perfect for calling back – or picking up an interrupted phone call again.

Built to serve: practical information you need throughout the day.

The analog phone Gigaset A270 is a perfectly reliable device for all the basic information. Its caller ID function immediately tells you who’s calling when the phone rings. The Gigaset A270 also indicates the date and call duration and features a convenient alarm function.

Greetings from the A270A: equipped with an answering machine.

Not at home, or you just don’t want to pick up the phone? The Gigaset A270A is equipped with a built-in answering machine for simple message recording and retrieval. And no worries if the caller is making a short story long: the available recording time of up to 25 minutes should be more than enough. By the way: the answering machine can be operated either via the handset, allowing you to receive messages away from the base station within the range of your household, or by remote access. With the Gigaset A270A, you can choose an automated message or record a personal greetings. Needless to say, however, that the answering machine can be fitted to every Gigaset A270 combination.

All for one. All for you: additional handsets.

One Gigaset A270 isn’t enough? We understand. That’s why the cordless phone Gigaset A270 is also available with additional handsets. The A270 Duo comes with two handsets, and with the A270 Trio you can enjoy using three handsets. Still want more? The A270A Quattro provides four handsets plus an answering machine.

Green light for the environment: radiation-free calls with ECO DECT.

Like all Gigaset cordless telephones, the Gigaset A270 is equipped with the environmentally friendly ECO DECT technology. This means that the telephones are radiation-free in standby mode, even if you have several handsets, as long as the base station and all registered handsets also support ECO DECT. During a phone call, the transmitting power is automatically adjusted to the distance between the base station and the handset. The shorter the distance to the base station, the lower the radiation. For the maximum DECT range, the ECO DECT mode can be deactivated at any time.


  • Connection: Analog
  • Number of telephone numbers (analogue): 1
  • Calls in parallel (analogue): 1
  • DECT Standards: DECT
  • Standby time up to (h): 200
  • Talk time up to (h): 18
  • Phonebook # entries (name / number): 80
  • Alarm function: Yes
  • Optical call signaling: Illuminated display
  • Free internal calls: Yes
  • Phone-/Adressbook-transfer internal via DECT (handset to handset): Yes
  • Internal transfer of external calls, conference circuit, call back: Yes
  • Handsfree talking: Yes
  • Handsfree talking handset / base: Handset
  • Adjustable Volume: Via Menu
  • Number of ringtones: 10
  • Display Type: Alphanumeric b&w
  • Dimensions (H x W mm): 22 x 34
  • Diagonal spread (inch): 1,5
  • Resolution (px): 70 x 8
  • Display of caller: Display of caller’s number (CLIP)
  • List of last # missed calls with time and date: 25
  • Multilingual menu (several display languages): Yes
  • Time / Date displayed: Yes
  • Number of languages: 24
  • Easy handling with navigation key: Yes


  • Hands-free talking; illuminated hands-free key
  • Illuminated graphical display (34 x 22 mm / 1.5”)
  • Long talk/standby time of up to 18/200 hours
  • Phonebook for up to 80 entries
  • Call list for up to 25 entries