TOPLINE is a well know brand in the field of Cable Management & Protection Systems. Topline has wide range of products and are cost effective, completely reliable, quicker and easier to install. 

Channel: Plain, Slotted & Combination.

  • Spring Channel Nuts
  • Flat Plate Fittings, Cross
  • 2 Lug Wing Fittings
  • Angle Fittings 90° & 45°
  • Channel Base Fittings
  • U & Z Fittings and Channel Couplers (Internal & External)
  • Beam Clamps
  • Single and Double Channel Gusset Bracket
  • Single and Double Cantilever Arms
  • Slotted Channel Cantilever Arms
  • Threaded Rods

Conduits & Pipe Fittings & Accessories

  • Channel Pipe Clamps, Rubber Nut Clamp
  • Nail Clamp, Hanger Clamp
  • H.D. Galvanized Conduits
  • Conduits fittings and accessories
  • Junction and Adaptable Boxes
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