BOSCH | Professional Free Standing Fridge Freezer 55 Kg Stainless Steel 204 Liters| KDN28NL20M


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Product Description
  • VitaFresh: keeps fresh food crisp for longer – thanks to extra low temperatures for fish and meat & adjustable humidity for fruit and vegetables
  • LED light: illuminates the refrigerator evenly without glare, lasts for the life of the appliance.
  • NoFrost: never defrost again, thanks to perfect protection from ice formation - that saves time and effort.
  • The egg rack keeps your eggs safe

FreshSense: perfect storage climate.

Thanks to the optimum storage conditions, your food preserves an ideal consistency; ice cream, for instance, is neither too soft nor too hard. A constant temperature in the fridge interior is a decisive factor in achieving more freshness and flavour. FreshSense sensors constantly monitor and control the ambient, fridge and freezer temperature. A constant temperature inside the fridge, independent of the outer temperature, is the result.

Multi Airflow System: The fridge that regulates itself.

Uneven cooling in your freezer can greatly affect the flavour and longenvity of your food. Our fan-assisted MultiAirflow System causes gentle, even currents of cold air to emerge at all levels of the chilling and freezing area. Temperature fluctuations are minimised and cooling times reduced - which helps your foods retain their integrity for longer. Enjoy freshness from top to bottom.

NoFrost: Save yourself some time.

With a NoFrost model, the humidity in the air is collected on the central fin evaporator rather than building up in the applicance or on the foods. This chiller, which draws the wamth out of the freezer area, automatically defrosts from time to time. The resultant condensation is taken to the outside and evaporated using the compressor warmth in a special collecting pan. This lowers humidity in the appliance, which means that almost no ice forms. So you don't need to worry about defrosting any more.

LED light: keeps the contents of your fridge in the spotlight.

LED lights bring a completely new lighting concept to fridges, guaranteeing even, glare-free interior illumination. LED lights use less electricity than conventional fridge lights and last an (appliance) lifetime.

VitaFresh keeps fresh food fresh for up to 3 times longer.

Innovative VitaFresh cooling technology keeps food fresh for up to three times longer. Within the VitaFresh section, there are two air humidity zones: The dry VitaFresh Zone is perfect for storing sausage, cheese, meat and fish. The moist VitaFresh Zone provides the perfect environment for fruit and vegetables and ensures that freshness, flavour and nutritional value are retained for longer.

Fridge Section

  • Capacity refrigeration zone:204 litres
  • Multi Airflow-System
  • 3 safety glass shelves of which 3 are height adjustable
  • 3 large door shelves

Freezer Section

  • NoFrost
  • Freezing capacity: 3 kg in 24 hours
  • Storage time in power failure: 16 Hours
  • 2 door trays in the freezing compartment
  • Ice cube tray, Ice cube tray

Technical Information

  • reversible Door
  • Height adjustable front feet, roles in the back
  • Climate Class T
  • Connection load: 150 W
  • Rated Voltage 220 - 240 V

Main Features

  • Energy Efficiency Class: 2 Stars (UAE) at a range of energy efficiency classes from A+++ to D

Size and weight

  • Depth of the product: 605 mm
  • Height of the product (mm): 1,656 mm
  • Net weight (kg): 55.924 kg
  • Width of the product (mm): 550 mm


  • No. of shelves in fridge: 3
  • No. cont. in refrig. comp.: 1
  • No. of egg racks: 2
  • Defrost process fridge section: Automatic
  • Number of Adjustable Shelves in fridge compartment: 3
  • Number of shelves in fridge compartment: 3
  • Temperature display fridge: non


  • No. of ice cube trays: 1
  • Defrost process freezer section: Automatic
  • Freezing drawers (Stck): 0
  • Number of freezing flaps (Stck): 0


  • Connection rating (W): 150 W
  • Length electrical supply cord (cm): 200 cm
  • Current (A): 5 A
  • Frequency (Hz): 50 Hz
  • Plug type: GB plug
  • Voltage (V): 220-240 V