It's natural to believe that headphones aren't as vital an investment as a new amplifier or a set of speakers. Equipped with the best sound quality and features, a headphone is something that hangs around your collar throughout the time you stay awake. The best headphones in Qatar can help you make your life more enjoyable and entertaining. 

When choosing the right headphones, scrolling through a few offers and skimming some reviews online will not work. It is better to empower yourself with professional information than to leave it to chance. To help you get started, here is the expert guide on what things to consider while selecting the best pair of headphones:-


1) Types of Headphones

There is not just one type of headphone in Qatar. It all depends on the type of fit you prefer and how you intend to use them. Mainly, there are five main types of headphones:

a) Earbuds: Earbuds fit inside your ears very easily. They have been popular for years because they are easy to wear and offer good portability if traveling or commuting. They are also inexpensive since very little goes into their design, so there's not much financial risk if you try an earbud-style pair first.


b) On-ear:  On-ears have quickly taken off as well since users have found them much easier to adjust due to having two points of contact (one on either side) against their head instead of just resting snugly against one side as an earbud will.


c) Over-ear headphones: These types of headphones cover both ears but don't allow sound to leak out. They are the most common form of headphones with ear pads large enough to fit your full ear, often known as "circumaural" headphones. They are the biggest and have a headband that joins the two earcups.


d) Noise Cancelling Headphones: Noise canceling has exploded onto the scene recently due to its popularity amongst frequent flyers who often need a way to block out ambient sounds while trying to get work done on planes and trains. Noise Cancelling headphones use a microphone to measure outside noise and cancel it out. They can be quite expensive, so only consider them if you plan to use them frequently or tend to travel frequently.


e) Bluetooth-enabled Headphones: Bluetooth headphones run on Bluetooth technology and need a perfect connection between the sound device and the headphone, and they might not work properly in case of wrong signals. 


2) Brand Type

Brand type is very important because only a reputed headphone lasts longer. You cannot think of using headphones for decades if they do not have a proper guarantee and warranty. The best available brands on the market are Sony, Sencor, Bose, Belkin, Sennheiser, Motorola, Gigaset, Logitech, Apple, Lenovo, Pioneer, MI, JBL, Huawei, Bluedio, Samsung, Amazfit, Honeywell, Hainoteko etc. 


3) Headphone Design And Size

Design: Most people lay down their buying decision on the design of the headphone. For example, there are over-ear, in-ear, and on-ear headphones, and you need to check them out in the market. 


Size: The overall size of the headphone quite a lot influences the buyer's decision. For example, if you need a portable and lightweight model, there are comfortable choices. You can go for the foldable ones to easily put them in your pockets or wallet. On the other hand, if you want some home Studio style larger headphones, you should go for headband-style headphones that are bulky and have the best sound quality most of the time.


4) Wired or Wireless

Wireless: Almost everything we are using has Bluetooth technology in it. Headphones are no exception as technology is rising. Bluetooth headphones did not have good sound quality in the earlier days. Eventually, they were made better, but still, there is not 100% satisfaction in terms of their workability. If we talk about convenience, wireless headphones are better because they don't let you deal with wires and deliver a sense of freedom. As long as you can afford to have a pair of wireless headphones, it is a no-brainer that you should have one.


Wired: They are the first choice of sound engineers and musicians who want higher-level sound quality when talking about wired headphones. People who live up to the music cannot settle with wireless headphones because they can run out of battery unexpectedly and leave you bewildered nowhere.


5) Comfort And Fit

If you are reading a headphone buying guide, it automatically means that you need them for hours. They have to be very comfortable; otherwise, you will not enjoy the music in any case. The headphones you select should come up with a layer of foam for more coziness. The memory foam headphones ensure that they take the shape of your ears and do not get hot after using them for a longer period. If you are choosing neckband headphones for yourself, ensure they must comfortably fit around your collar and should not fall off randomly anytime. Also, they should look minimalist so that people looking at them want them too.

The regular headphones come with rubber padding that is effective for only a few hours, and they have to be customized properly. Otherwise, you will never feel good while listening to music.


6) Sound Profile

Every headphone has a distinct sound profile, and you should choose while making your considerations. Most of the time, headphones have three main sound categories: bright, warm, and neutral. The neutral one is the best option for high-end audio. It is also the purest form of audio, and headphones with neutral sound quality are rare. Most of the headphones that claim to be neutral do not have that feature. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while buying headphones with a neutral sound profile.

Another option is to choose the ones with a warm sound profile. The ones having a warm sound profile are the ones having more bass. Such headphones are thumpy and have heavy sound quality. On the other hand, you should not pick the bright ones because they are particularly used for high-pitched sounds. You might hear imperfections and hisses in the recordings that nobody likes while planning to enjoy a piece of music.


7) Active Noice Cancellation or Passive Noise Isolation

The active noise cancellation feature is very prominent nowadays. People who want headphones delivering high-end audio can always go for it. The in-ear headphones are enabled with active noise cancellation where you would never hear any sound coming from outside. However, they might hurt the ears because of extra heat and pressure. Some people have also been seen to experience headaches because of the headphones that have noise cancellation Technology equipped.

And if we talk about passive noise isolation, the headphones cancel the external noise up to a certain limit. You will hear a limited amount of sound that keeps things more subtle and better.


8) Durable Built

Besides sound quality and other technical features, you must also ensure that the headphones last longer. They must not be very fragile and delicate. Most people use headphones for more than two years on average. Check out the ratings and select the latest model of headphones in Qatar to give yourself maximum satisfaction.


9) Price

Finally, the headphones you buy may be a function of your budget – and if this is the case, you don't have to sacrifice fantastic quality, design, or features.

Brands like Sony, Boss, Gigaset, Belkin, for example, all provide headphones that are not only budget-friendly but also with high-quality specifications. Just keep in mind that if you want premium features like ANC or your headphones to be built of high-quality materials, you'll probably have to pay a little more. 

Also, there is no limit to how much you can spend on a pair of headphones, as it all depends on your budget and personal preferences.